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Celtic Gospel music is primarily instrumental, in praise of our Creator.

Extended Classical is drawn from folk traditions worldwide, following the established harmonic rules of European Classical music.

All these albums are suitable for family listening!


Riding Through a Rainbow: Acoustic and electroacoustic songs reflecting current live performances. Harp, Guitar, Native American Flutes, Cuatro; 17 songs.  Bright and optimistic!  Also available on iTunes. 2008


Pythagorean Sequence:  Compilation of 14 songs that demonstrates, in order, the Pythagorean scales.  Essential resource for students!  1990-1995

Creator's Creatures:  Musical pictures of several animals from the Bible.  Composed for very young children.  Most of the songs are highly textured and multi-layered.   2005


Foundation: all harp, in key of C.  This is an essential album for any therapist who works with the physical body.  Mostly contemporary feel.  1991

Balance Within

Balance Within:  Almost all in Dorian mode.  Good for relationships, and also for music students who want a demonstration of what can be done with this mode.  Several instruments, mostly based on harp.  1995

Celtic Collection

Celtic Collection:  Everyone loves Irish music.  This is almost all harp, and a great antidepressant!  Many people have found this to be an ideal gift for any occasion.  1996


AscensionMusical pictures from the life of Jesus Christ.  Inspired by church services.  Excellent for Christian contemplation.  Mostly solo pieces, several instruments.  1997

Kindness:  Guitar, harp, dulcimer, flutes.  Great background for doing study or accounting work.  Many reports say children calm down instantly with this music.  1987, 1990

Angels in the Attic
Angels in the Attic:  All on the special Angel Harp.  Extremely calming.  Has been known to take away fear in children.  1997

Gypsy Fire: Romantic harp music in Flamenco and Hijaz modes.  May possibly help injured tendons and ligaments.  1996

Wedding Suite
Wedding Suite:  Compilation of 20 pieces on harp and guitar especially composed for weddings.  Music is sequenced for pre-concert, processional, ceremony, and reception.  2000

Navigators 2
Navigators 2: Designed to help people who are working on recovery from addictions.  Harp and several other instruments.  1992, 2005

Golden Hearts
Golden Hearts: Specifically for helping with long-term grief.  Harp and guitar, mostly in Lydian mode.  1990

Nature:  When you get connected to nature, depression disappears!  This cheerful set of songs is based on extensive travel through forests in Colorado, Wyoming, California, Germany, and Ireland.  1990
Another sample song: Killarney Wood

Electric Rainbow:  Techno music, different from all the rest. Can help people feel more energy in general. 2008

Dreams and Dances
Dreams and Dances:
  the very first album.  All solo guitar, using a variety of tunings.  Great for driving -- keeps you awake in a nice way.  1984

You Will Always Remember
You Will Always Remember...
  is the only album here based on vocal work.  Most of the songs have a light country feel.  1992

Rainbow Book of Fairy Tales:  Readings of classic public domain fairy tales by Michael Riversong. Some with original music backgrounds. Especially for children.  Special price: US$10.00  2007

Normal price for CDs or cassettes is US$15.00.  If you want to buy more than two, contact us first for a special price.  Add US$2.00 for shipping within the United States.  We do ship anywhere in the world, but contact us about shipping rates outside the USA.

To buy albums, simply send an email to mriversong@earthlink.net or use PayPal to that address.  Checks or money orders are accepted by mail.  If you need to use a credit card, go to the CCNOW Catalog, where several of these albums are available by secured credit card payment.  Orders are almost always shipped within 3 days.

Items available but not displayed in this catalog:
Healing Flute 2 In 1984 a version of this album was created on a Native American flute borrowed from a friend. It quickly became popular and so was re-mastered a year later with some studio songs added. You can use this for deep relaxation and meditation. (1985)
Spirit Keepers This was the first full studio album, and cannot be duplicated live. It is an expression of the four directions as conceived by many Native Americans in traditional prayer. Guitar, Chinese flutes, recorder flutes, synthesizers, dulcimer, clay drum, and Hammond Organ. (1986)
Pioneers in the Universe Part of the 7 Keys to Health series, this album is built around the difficult and sometimes dangerous Locrian mode. It was recorded with the late J. Bear Baker on woodwinds. (1991)

If you have read through the Discography and want an album not listed here, it may be possible to make up a copy for you.  

Custom recordings for movies, videos, and individuals are available by request.  Music can be provided on CD, cassette, MP3, and jump drive.  Rates for custom services are negotiable.  Please ask!

Michael Riversong
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Charity Releases

The following albums are not for commercial sale.  They are sent free to people who need them.  As you will notice, each one is designed to assist with a condition that typically makes money unavailable to someone who is suffering.  Each was specifically designed to do no harm and possibly help, depending of course on many circumstances. If you need one, or know someone who does, contact us directly with your request.

Balance: might help with cancer or spinal alignment.  1991
Navigators 1: brings some relief for anyone who has recently suffered a severe shock, such as loss of a loved one or an accident.  1992
Emotional Motion:  might help speed up healing of broken bones.  1992, 2008
Motivational Synergy: designed for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Lupus, or any other long-term physical degenerative/autoimmune disorder.  2005
Breathe!  recommended for anyone who is having respiratory difficulties.  2007

If you would like to make a contribution to further this work, the easiest way is to send it directly through PayPal to mriversong@earthlink.net

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