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Publications by Michael Riversong

3-Dimensional Music Theory

Our planet's most used musical system was created about 2,600 years ago by Pythagoras in ancient Greece.  It is relatively easy to learn, and also has great significance in terms of healing power.  This system is explained with physical models and live demonstrations on the Celtic Harp.  Good for students 14+, all kinds of musicians, and health practitioners.  Get this DVD now to gain a useful understanding of how music really works!

DVD $22.00

Bards: Music for Community and Healing

Are you a person who MUST perform music, but have no place in the music industry? Bards carry on an ancient multicultural tradition which combines history, healing, and music in community service. This book tells you how it works, and how to do it in our times. Limited quantities are available.

Pre-publication edition: $25 + $2.00 shipping.

Fundamentals of Harmonic Chemistry

Harmonic Chemistry is a new, evolving branch of science which covers harmonic relationships between chemical elements. It is important for analyzing and predicting catalytic reactions, where the presence of a substance which is not changed itself during the reaction, makes the reaction different than it would be otherwise.  There are other implications for cold fusion, gravity control, and nuclear waste conversion.

Book & CD package: $25.00

Quality Health Pack -- Drug Info

Therapists who are committed to drug-free practice often find themselves confronting the effects of several commonly prescribed drugs as they see patients. This includes Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, and Auditors. In the Quality Health Pack, it is now possible to provide easily understood information about many drugs. This is a binder full of information which details the effects of many drugs, and what to do about them. Resources to help deal with these effects are also listed. Individual pages can be copied freely for patients. To see a sample page, go to Sample Page.


Tesla Dictionary of Advanced Research Terminology

We need to improve material technology soon, in order to increase prosperity on this planet and avoid several potential disasters. A lot of research is happening all over the world. One of the biggest problems researchers have is communicating with each other. Several previously unknown principles of science have been uncovered, and each of these has its own terminology. This dictionary is a step towards more effective communication among advanced researchers. Includes photographs.



Now, 2 CD ROMs are being made available to give you an advantage in learning more about how to survive and prosper using these findings.
Literally packed with photos, articles, and podcasts, this resource will give you many years of observations and insights into advanced energy research.
Included are:
Photos of many Nikola Tesla inventions
Reports on ExtraOrdinary Technology conferences
All editions of the Tesla Dictionary of Advanced Research Terminology, including the most recent update (with photos) released September 2008
Articles and short comments on several technologies
Antique radio and electronic equipment
Educational writings: how to learn about advanced subjects
Synergetics gallery: models from a system of math that can explain optimum design and also gravity phenomena
Complete text of the Wheel of Occupations book

Complete text of Design Ecology: Creating Healthy Living Environments (1996)
Current version of Fundamentals of Geobiology
Complete text of the yet to be published Healthy Places book
Feng Shui gallery with over 100 building photos illustrating principles
Europe gallery showing many good building practices
SolarPix gallery, tracing solar energy development from 1980
WindPwr gallery
Plant identification photos
Podcast interviews of people active in alternative energy and Permaculture
Inspiring scenery photos and poetry

Each disk includes a guide.

$20 each, or both for $30.

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Publications by Alison Doran

Comic books including The Loony Bin C hronicles and Dirwynlyc

Fine Art Prints

Available at:


Ways to create healthy living environments.

Section 1 provides a summary of design principles developed in ancient China known as Feng Shui. These are related to daily life as we know it, with the first explanations ever offered for why some of these "old Chinese tricks" work. Other environmental disciplines from many parts of the world are also covered, including Bau-Biologie from Germany.

Section 2 is about our invisible environment, including electromagnetic fields and new information about Geobiology, which is the science of determining the relationship between natural earth energies and living beings.

Section 3 covers common household toxic chemicals in an easily understandable form.

Section 4 contains several new solutions to environmental problems, including the current state of solar energy, lighting techniques, and experimental field modulation devices.

The entire text of this book has been included on the Tesla Academy Environmental CD-ROM.  If you want a printed copy, it might be possible to order one through:

Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
P.O. Box 6250
Eureka, CA 95502
FAX 707-445-1401

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